First work out after Chemo.

Keep this in perspective - up to about 3 months ago, I worked out almost every day in some fashion. From lifting weights to moving weights to demoing movements...every day was pretty active-full.

I just made that word up, I think.

To say not being able to work out is "difficult for me" is a fairly large understatement. Working out, exerting myself, pushing my limits – that’s who I am!

But, I have different limits now. Like, trying to figure out when to mow my hair down. I started to lose it yesterday…seems fast. But ya know…fast dividing cells and all.

Incase you don’t know – chemo attacks fast dividing cells, that means gut lining, hair, nails, mouth, etc. Anything that grows quickly. Hence – hair.

The oncology doc said it was probably going to start happening after this treatment. It makes me sick to my stomach when I scratch my head and strands of hair come away. But, I have said it before and I will say it again –

I will fight this fight in whatever way I have to in order to win.

Chemo Rule Number 452 – cut your hair SHORT before you start treatment. I have some pretty long thick hair and I do not want to be shedding all over the place. We have a shedder, she’s a bitch.

Anyway, here is a very short work out you can do anywhere, anytime, no warm up and it will only take 20 minutes. It’s also self limiting – people in good shape will be able to get more rounds down, people just starting out (or chemo patients) will be able to work at their pace.

This is also the first work out I did after my first chemo dose, approximately a week later.

Great work out - hits all of the major muscles, joints and most range of motions.

Sorry the quality probably isn't that good, but I do this shit for free...soo.....yea. Also, excuse my belabored breathing - that's probably the hardest I have worked in about 3 months.

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