Fuck Cancer Friday

First - thanks for reading my blog! The messages I get on a daily basis are awesome!

Second - watch the video. This was the 2nd work out I did since starting chemo.

I biked for about 15 minutes covering 3 miles. That's 5 minutes for a mile on a bike, or what some people can RUN a mile in.

Think about that - what people CAN RUN A MILE IN I BIKED IT...and it still kicked my ass.

In this video I talk about:

Exercise vs. Nutrition (which is more important?).

What I consider the minimum heart rate you need to reach for it to be considered exercise (what do you think it is?).

How to figure that heart rate out with a simple math equation you can do in 10 seconds.

How my views on exercise for sedentary people have changed since chemo.

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Stay strong and fuck cancer! Man...that sounds weird with out the hash tag. I mean don't literally fuck cancer. I don't even know how you could do that.

What's your




We all have one, right? Do you want to know mine?  Would you like to find out how a Warrior Wizard lives their life after being diagnosed with Cancer?  

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