Random Thoughts

Here are a bunch of random thoughts I have that I wanted to get out.

1. There are two types of cancer - tissue and blood. We are discounting the fact that blood is a tissue.

2. The treatment option for cancer depends on how wide spread the disease is. Chemo is used for a wide spread disease, radiation is used for more localized and surgery is used for extreme localized (like a melanoma, i.e. skin cancer).

3. Cancer is not a death sentence. Although, some days, it does feel like it.

4. You will go through three phases when undertaking treatment - before chemo/cancer, during chemo and after chemo/cancer. You will have absolutely no way to prepare for any of them.

5. The stages used to delineate how wide spread cancer is in the body are not very useful. Stage 1 cancer for anything is bad. Stage 4 is badder. But not necessarily more deadly.

6. The worse type of cancer is brain cancer.

7. Sometimes this is what you need to start the day:

8. Cancer is a malignant growth. Every person has cancer cells in them RIGHT NOW. But our bodies do a great job of keeping that shit in check. Think about that, you have cancer in you right now.

9. Cancer is the number one killer in the US, more deaths then heart disease. But, I bet you can't tell me 3 ways to prevent cancer? I bet you can tell me three ways to prevent heart disease - exercise, don't eat a lot of processed foods and don't be morbidly obese.

10. There is no special diet for chemo. The name of the game is - get your calories in. Quantity first, quality 2nd. But, don't be a dumb ass and think you can eat fast food all day either.

11. Cancer is as varied as the cells in your body. There is no "one type" of cancer.

12. We really don't know exactly WHAT causes cancer, i.e. we know cancer develops out of our own cells, but the exact mechanism of WHY a tumor get's out of hand is not well known.

13. There is no magic cure to cancer. There are no secret herbs or special diet. Think of this for a second when you see the crazy stuff like - "ketogenic diet cures cancer" or "Cannibis Oil cures cancer" or "take this supplement and be rid of cancer!" - over 500,000 people die every year from cancer.

In fact, this is the last point. If you want to read something that will make your brain melt - check this out - http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/cancer-prevalence

Here's the rundown:

Over 500K DIE from cancer per year.

"Cancer prevalence is defined as the number of living people who have ever been diagnosed with cancer. It includes people diagnosed with cancer in the past as well those who were recently diagnosed."

Over the last 5 years, there have been WELL OVER 4 million males AND females diagnosed with cancer. That's over 8 million people diagnosed with cancer in 5 years.

How many people do yo think went through chemotherapy?

How many people went through the exact type of chemotherapy I am going through?

So of all of those people, and all of those varied diets and lifestyles, the cure rate for MY TYPE of cancer is 80% - to think that some dude in Montreal or Sydney or Bang Kok somehow figured out that if you rub these herbs together and take it at this time under a full moon at the equator on the summer solstice...you will cure your cancer is crazy.

Just take a second to think about it - of all the people that have gone through my treatment plan of A,B,V,D with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, 80% survival rate.

What...like 100's of different lifestyle factors could be factored in?

And you think medical pot, or a special diet or food is going to save your ass?

Nah...science is going to save your ass.

Don't skip your therapy.

Take your drugs.

Be an informed citizen.

And shut up about your miracle cures. There are more people that are obese then have cancer.

We haven't found a miracle pill for curing obesity, we sure as hell haven't found one for curing cancer.

And, trust me, the weight loss market is a VASTLY more lucrative business then cancer treatment. If there is a magic pill to be found, my money is on the weight loss pill first - that shitz easy.

Move more, eat less, have more fun, stress less and enjoy the outside.

There's your pill.

What's your




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