Hiccups SUCK!

For real. But, most of the time they are a nuisance.

Why do we get hiccups? I think it has something to do with carbon dioxide build up or something bah-blah-blah-blah. Who cares.

I know for a fact that it does have something to do with your diaphragm.

This is not a treatise on all things hiccup related, this is a short video that shows you how to get rid of them.

For the last two treatments I have had AWFUL hiccups coupled with acid reflux (my oncology team has told me to take prilosec because they think that the hiccups might be related to my acid reflux) so bad that it wakes me up. As in, no sleep.

Well, ok. I usually get about an hour, then the hiccups start, then I wake up, do my thing, go back to bed.

With out fail - I go in for my FIGHT on Thursday, hiccups start on Saturday and progress until Monday. Sat and Sunday are both ZERO sleep nights.

These are not your normal hiccups either, a lot of times I have three hiccups on top of each other and every hiccups makes the reflux worse and makes me want to puke.

I started to do some research on the causes of hiccups, but then I figured - I don't know how a car runs, I just know that I put the key in and I go places. That's good enough for me. I don't know what causes hiccups but I know if you do something that prevents you from breathing AND engages your swallow reflex - it cures them.

I will say that most people use the terms indigestion and acid reflux incorrectly - indigestion is a collection of symptoms, one of which is acid reflux.

Enjoy the video...or not. I mean you shouldn't' enjoy the video because that would make you a sick person, to take happiness in my misery.

So, maybe...enjoy the message?

Enjoy getting rid of hiccups?

What-Eva. I have hair in this video!

Take some deep breaths and make sure you are not out of breath or feel like your out of breath.

Here are some notes:

- A bottle with a small mouth works best.

- Let the hiccups run their course for a few minutes- Luke warm water, chugging cold water sucks. - I find sometimes if I jump right into the water thing, it doesn't work. But, if I let them run for 10-15 minutes it works like a charm.In fact, I would say that 90% of the time it works 100% of the time. - Wait until you hiccup, blow all of the air out of your lunges and take a MASSIVE deep breath, as deep as you can manage.

- Sometimes, I will take a few deep breaths before I hold my breath and drink the water.

- It's important to take as deep of a breath as you can! Then, immediately start drinking the water.

- While you drink, count to 20 (at least), one one thousand, two one thousand, etc.

- If you hiccup while drinking, stop, wait a few minutes and repeat the process.

- Usually if I make it to 15, I know I have a pretty good chance of kicking them.

- Sometimes I will go to 25, just to do it.

- Small sips, remember the goal is to prevent the hiccup. By taking small sips and swallowing, it's very difficult to hiccup. It's better to take small sips with a little bit of liquid then gulp it down. Your not in college any more. Unless you are.

- I find that doing some breathing drills, breathe in on a 4 count and out on an 8 to 15 count help to get rid of the hiccups faster doing this trick.

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