Buck Furpees

There is a list of exercises that get hated on for various reasons:

1. Deadlifts

2. Back squats

3. Bench presses

4. Overhead presses

5. Burpees

Oddly enough - those are all great exercises! It's just that sometimes, the movement is not appropriate for the individual. For instance - if you can't touch your toes, you might not be deadlifting at KDR.

Out of all of those, burpees are the easiest to perform and, I think, the one exercise that gets the most attention.

It is a great exercise, don't get me wrong! You hit every muscle group, have multiple level changes and work on end range of motion at both your hands and toes among a whole slew of other benefits.

They just suck to do! But, with no equipment and short on time, you are hard pressed to find a better exercise!

Here's a quick burpee build up video where we start with the easiest movement - squats then progressing all the to a no legged burpee!

The video is about 7 minutes, and we talk briefly about the benefit of exercise during chemotherapy treatment. Thank you Dr. Court Vreeland from the Vreeland Clinic for being my model in this video!

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